Chef Sergi Arola arrives in Monterrey with Grupo Hotelero Prisma

The famous Spanish Chef Sergi Arola arrived in Monterrey to take the reins of Orfebre Cocina Artesana, the new luxury restaurant of JW Marriott Monterrey Valle operated by Grupo Hotelero Prisma.

Last week before a group of businessmen, investors and the media, the chef personally prepared part of the menu that will be integrated into Orfebre Cocina Artesana, which will be located within JW Marriott Monterrey Valle, the opening of the restaurant is estimated to be in March 2021 .

Grupo Hotelero Prisma will operate this new property in Monterrey, as well as the Orfebre Cocina Artesana restaurant.

Talk with Sergi Arola, new Goldsmith Chef Artisan Kitchen

Lobby Report spoke with the five-star Michelin chef to learn about his plans for how he will carry out his cooking in this new property that will begin operating in March 2021.

What work are you going to develop at Orfebre Cocina Artesana, what is the proposal you have under your arm?

We are going to work more an artisan kitchen, with several hands, more personal, trying at the same time to have a closer vision with people.

We are realizing that we need people to feel comfortable with what they eat, to feel comfortable being our customer, above all not to feel overwhelmed.

That is what we are going to keep to the table and we are going to try to combine a very creative cuisine, a little more my cuisine of tapas, scoundrels, revised and taste, and not only Spanish but also various fusions.

My cuisine is no longer one hundred percent Spanish, right now it is fused, the miscegenation of my cuisine is more than remarkable, so we are going to try to combine my way of understanding my cuisine without losing what the royal likes, said Sergi Arola

What does it mean for you to arrive in Monterrey, such a trendy cosmopolitan city in Mexico?

It is an exciting challenge that I face with the best possible company, I like the royal way of being, eating and behaving, I love eating meat, drinking beer I really feel super comfortable.

On the other hand, I come from the hand of Grupo Hotelero Prisma which is a tremendous operator here in Mexico and on the other hand I put my name in the hands of JW Marriott which is the luxury brand of the main hotel operator in the world today.

Besides, I know Marriott very well because I have been working with them for many years, it is a brand that I have known very well for many years, Sergi Arola told us.

What makes you want to work with Grupo Hotelero Prisma in Mexico?

Well look, I don’t believe in coincidences a while ago I made some friends in my restaurant in Madrid, they were from Monterrey from Cemex and they told me you have to ride in Monterrey.

Then I went to live in Chile, my partner is Chilean and my intention is to settle in Chile, so when the possibility arose a few months ago and I saw the project I thought it was not because, it seemed to me that it was something that was all very rolled, and since I am quite superstitious I decided to listen to instinct and said why not?

What message do you send to your guests who come to Orfebre Cocina Artesana?

We are going to make a delicious cuisine, now I am more experienced and right now I enjoy tasting more than surprising.

And I am going to try more that way of understanding gastronomy that I now have much more moderate in creativity just as rabid in flavors and roots, I am going to try to develop it to the maximum, with the endorsement of having Prisma and JW Marriott at my side.

It seems to me that people can come calmly, we are going to try to make people have a good time, today more than ever the restaurant has to be a place of fun, the playful aspect of gastronomy must be more present than ever.

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