Select an Economy

It focuses on providing exceptional service to guests looking for affordable options to stay, with services such as breakfast included, gym or work areas at affordable costs and at key points in each city.

Luxury & Resorts

The Luxury and Resort Vertical currently includes hotels in northern Mexico. At Prisma Aimbridge we understand the unique requirements to profitably operate these distinctive and highly complex properties with large-scale activations, multiple food and beverage hubs, retail, private residences, large event spaces and distinctive guest experiences.


This vertical focuses on distinctive experiences for our guests and guests in food and beverages and meetings, in addition to offering all services in a single property for work or pleasure visits.


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Our Select Service properties provide the services that meet the needs of the target market and our guests. They cater to travelers who are aware of their budget and needs, thus offering a selection of products and services accessible to all.

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